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Yoga for Fighters (Y4F) is a yoga system for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) designed by Yoga Master / 5th degree Gracie black belt Phil Migliarese III


  The Yoga for Fighters (Y4F) system is designed for fighters, by a fighter, and integrates parts of the Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga disciplines into a routine that delivers both physical and mental advantages to the student. Y4F can help you center yourself and control your first opponent - your own ego. 

As the popularity of BJJ and MMA grow nationally and worldwide, so does the number of practitioners who are looking for other training options to help with their overall fitness, breathing and flexibility, as well as their mental focus and emotional intelligence. Many of these practitioners have turned to Yoga 4 Fighters.  

Phil Migliarese's status in the martial-arts community gave instant credibility to Y4F, and those who tried it out quickly embraced the aspects of yoga, which stress flexibility, breathing, and overall control of mind and body, that Phil adapted for competitive fighters. Thousands have tried Yoga 4 Fighters in seminars, on DVD, and online. The profile of the Yoga 4 Fighters system grew again when Phil and Y4F were featured in multiple issues of Men’s Health.


A three hour DVD in one APP for beginners or a long-time practitioners. 

DVD converted to APP 

Our top-selling Y4F DVD is now an app with 3 hours of yoga for BJJ, MMA , & Muay Thai.

Fearless Flexibility

Use funcional flexibility to resist bigger and stronger fighters.

Mental Edge Agility

Yoga gives you a mental toughness that allows you to react under pressure.  

Emotional intelligence

Controlling breath & movement will teach you how to control your emotions, both on and off the mat.

Balance & Counterbalance

Develop physical and mental balance.

Functional Strength

Align your body to build power on the mat while protecting yourself from injury during training.

Focused Breathing

Control your breathing, and with it, your thinking and movement, so that you will be calm and prepared in a fight.

Relaxation / Recovery

Tap into advanced rest and recovery techniques to bounce back from injuries and fatigue.  

Anyone can do the Y4F system!

Over years of working to perfect Yoga for Fighters (Y4F), Phil has carefully observed his own yoga students and their performance so that he could make sure that every pose was “doable” by every type of individual from the professional athlete to the average man or woman with no previous martial arts or yoga experience… Anyone can do this yoga system!  

Yoga 4 Fighters is built around the needs of competitive athletes, but it is built in a way that anyone can grasp. This is no-nonsense yoga presented in a way that appeals to people of all body types and mindsets, a program that is stress-free and easy to learn. Y4F’s simplified training sequence makes it a great choice for beginners. It’s a starting point that students can get comfortable with before attending group classes and trying other styles of yoga. Y4F’s three levels of difficulty mean that any person, regardless of skill level, can train and progress at their own pace.  

Expert Testionials

Phil has worked notable athletes from all different sports including Bernard Hopkins, Joey Votto, Tre Thomas, and more! 

Royce Gracie Yoga For Fighters

"Flexibility is very important not just for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and MMA but for every sport!  

If you want to be on the top of your game you have to stretch, and do yoga.

Phil’s “Yoga for Fighters” will get you there!!!  

-Royce Gracie The original “ultimate fighting champion”

Relson Gracie Yoga For Fighters

“Yoga is the best form of stretching and Phil is by far the best person to teach it.”  

-Relson Gracie 2nd oldest son of Helio Gracie

“Yoga For Fighters is a great DVD because it was custom-made with the Mixed Martial Artist in mind."

-Frank Edgar, UFC Light Weight Champion Fighter/All-American Wrestler

Ricardo Migliarese Yoga For Fighters

“Phil’s Yoga helped me recover from a knee injury. My doctor said that it would take a year to be strong on the mat.  

"Yoga for Fighters" helped me do it in half the time!"

-Ricardo Migliarese IBJJF World & Pan Am Jiu-Jitsu Champion

Sammy Oropeza Yoga For FIghters

"After starting Y4F, I've have seen a substantial gain in my flexibility, range of motion, and physical and mental health. 

I recommend this program to any martial artists looking to gain the edge in their training and on the competition. "

-Sam Oropeza Stikeforce/Bellator MMA fighter and Bully Beat down

Phil Migliarese III

About the author, Phil Migliarese III

Phil is a 5th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, which he earned training under Relson Gracie and Relson’s father, Grand Master Helio Gracie. He also spent many years studying Ashtanga Yoga and is an authorized instructor under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga. Phil is the co-owner of Balance Studios , a chain of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and Muay Thai schools with 40+ affiliated schools world wide.  

With 30 years experience in BJJ, MMA, and Yoga, Phil has worked with champions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing, along with professional athletes, celebrities and, of course, the everyday practitioners that fill his studio.  

He has received 1000′s of testimonials, several from some of the best and most decorated fighters on the planet!  

Often turned to as an expert in self-defense, BJJ, MMA and Yoga, Phil has made appearances on ABC, Fox, CN8, NBC, CBS and ESPN.  

He has been interviewed and highlighted in some of the most recognizable health, fitness, and fighting magazines, including Men’s Heath, Grappling, Tapout, BlackBelt and MMA Worldwide magazines.  

In Issue 4 of the 2007 edition of MMA Worldwide magazine, Phil was featured on the cover and in a two part article which describes his amazing journey in BJJ and Yoga. This article recounts his beginnings with the Gracie family to the car accident that nearly took his life, explaining why he is a lifelong practitioner of Yoga.  

Check out a sample of the Y4F system

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