Nearly 40,000 people practice Yoga For Fighters around the world. Having practiced both Yoga and BJJ for more than 20 years, Phil is the only person to have put the correlation of the two practices together. This is real yoga in a no-nonsense approach that just works, as long as you work.

For years, Phil received questions and emails from fighters asking how to become more flexible, tips on breathing and what to do to get started. Thousands of fighters throughout the world, including many from the over one hundred thousand subscribers to the Jiu- Jitsu Matrix newsletter, flooded his email daily. To service the community better (and to lower the daily number of emails in his inbox), Phil released the Y4F internet download in 2002.

In 2008, after 5 years of research with the top UFC and BJJ Champions and his own private students, Phil Migliarese released the Yoga for Fighters DVD to the public. The DVD was received by the martial arts world to amazing results – over 1000 copies of the DVD were sold (a complete sell out) within two hours of its release.

Check out a tour of the DVD below…